Many Americans Destroy their Credit While Still Young

Most people these days are aware of how important their credit score and history can be when it comes to their financial futures. However, despite this a report has shown how many people in America are destroying their credit while they are still young. The survey, which was carried out by Credit Karma, indicated that close to 70 percent of Americans manage to destroy their credit before they even hit the age of thirty. This means that many younger people are left facing a very bleak financial future. The information on the survey suggested that a worrying 68 percent of … Continue Reading →

Poll: Nearly Half of All Christmas Shoppers Won’t be Using Credit Cards

Santa Claus is coming to town and that doesn’t bode well for consumers everywhere. The holiday season has now become synonymous with immense debt payments about one month after, creating enormous stress and resentment to what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year. Is this year different? According to a new study, Christmas shoppers might be more prudent when it comes to their credit card usage than years prior because nearly half have stated they will be putting away their plastic. A new study by Equifax, a global online credit information provider, discovered that 49 … Continue Reading →

Learn How to Repair Your Credit

Credit score is very important for any individual. Credit score describes a person’s credit worthiness. There are some individuals who have bad credit score. For them there is a way of selecting a professional credit repair service which helps them to fix errors in their report and this way their credit score is raised. This can also be done by individual on his own without taking any assistance or guidance from professionals. All a person has to do is to repair his credit smartly.